Industry Article: New Treatment Creates Infinite Fracture Conductivity

Technology decouples fracture performance from proppant pack permeability, increasing conductivity by orders of magnitude

New Treatment Creates Infinite Fracture Conductivity
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 10/01/2010

The recently developed HiWAY hydraulic fracturing technique fundamentally changes the way a hydraulic fracture increases the effective near-wellbore reservoir conductivity. By employing the HiWAY technique in its Loma La Lata (LLL) field in Argentina, YPF SA, has achieved improvements in average gas production per well. In several field studies in the LLL field, gas production increased significantly in the wells treated with the HiWAY technique compared to those stimulated using conventional fracturing techniques. The technique has since been successfully deployed in several other fields with a job count that exceeds 200 treatments. To date, results indicate that the HiWAY hydraulic fracturing technique not only delivers higher initial production rates, but also sustained production gains over time.

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