Industry Article: Acid System Gives Old Wells New Life

Acid System Gives Old Wells New Life
Publication: American Oil & Gas Reporter
Publication Date: 12/01/2010

Zenergy Inc. has been developing a reservoir in the Bluell formation in North Dakota, which has good areal extent and is characterized by thin pay zones with natural permeability of less than 2.0 millidarcies. Zenergy engineers were concerned that drilling mud had clogged the natural fractures in the carbonate that contributed to most of the formation conductivity, and they were seeking a solution. Schlumberger recommended a multifunction staged treatment to be bullheaded into the well to deliver a uniform treatment across the entire length of the lateral. The proposed pump schedule consisted of alternating stages of deep-penetrating SXE superX emulsion acid followed by the MaxCO3 Acid degradable diversion acid system. After the treatment, oil production improved by a factor of five—increasing from less than 60 bbl/d to more than 300 bbl/d.

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