Industry Article: Hydraulic Fracturing

Game-changing advances in stimulation and production technology are improving well economics

Hydraulic Fracturing
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 01/24/2011

For more than 60 years, hydraulic fracturing has helped bring oil and gas to the surface from wells that otherwise would be classified as uneconomical. Currently used in an estimated 90% of all land-based wells in North America, hydraulic fracturing will remain a mainstay with operators, as development of lower-quality reservoirs becomes the rule rather than the exception. Even with all of the advances in stimulation and production technologies, the industry still faces challenges regarding hydraulic fracturing operations. One specific challenge is in the efficient optimization of the number of fracturing stages to maximize performance of the horizontal well. Other challenges include the issue of safety, which Schlumberger has prioritized in its operations and technology development. As the industry increases its technological might, challenges that seemed insurmountable a few years ago are being mastered and put into practice.

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