Industry Article: Technique Increases Jonah Production

Technique Increases Jonah Production
Publication: American Oil & Gas Reporter
Publication Date: 09/01/2011

The unconventional natural gas business is characterized by tight margins in almost every case these days. Operators are being challenged to minimize costs and maximize productivity. While cost control is practiced routinely, most profitability gains are achieved through breakthroughs in production volume and efficiency. Encana Oil & Gas applied the HiWAY flow-channel hydraulic fracturing service in the Jonah Field near Pinedale, Wyoming, and achieved a 23% production improvement in a marginal environment with reduced materials and without the occurrence of near-wellbore screenouts. This was hailed as a paradigm shift by the operator. A comparison of channel-fractured versus conventionally fractured results for the 153 frac stages studied in the 13-well campaign indicated that channel fracturing resulted in a 23% increase in normalized gas production, a 17% increase in estimated two-year recovery per well, and a 34% reduction in fracture net pressure increase.

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