Industry Article: Flow Channel Fracturing Service

A new paradigm for the stimulation of low-permeability oil, tight gas formation

HiWAY Flow Channel Fracturing
Publication: Oil and Gas Financial Journal
Publication Date: 09/15/2011

The Schlumberger HiWAY flow-channel hydraulic fracturing service, which engineers stable flow channels in the frac proppant pack, creates “highways” for hydrocarbon flow throughout the fractures and back to the wellbore. With this service, oil and gas rates are decoupled from the actual permeability of the proppant pack, rather than flowing through the proppant pack itself, as with conventional fractures. Application of the HiWAY service has often increased initial production by 25% and estimated long-term recovery by more than 15%. Since being commercialized in 2010, the HiWAY service has been applied in vertical wells for economically stimulating sandstone and carbonate reservoirs in several regions around the world, including the United States, Mexico and Oman. Schlumberger has also expanded the HiWAY service to include unconventional oil and gas plays in the US, with successful applications in the Eagle Ford shale. Trials have begun in the Bakken and Barnett shales, and preparations are ongoing for application in the Marcellus shale and other US shale plays.

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