Industry Article: Operators seek Fracture Consistency

Heterogeneity and variability in rock composition, texture and stress have led to inconsistent production from horizontal shale wells.

Shale Unconventional Resources Management Article by Kyel Hodenfield in AOGR Magazine
Publication: American Oil & Gas Reporter
Publication Date: 01/01/2012

PARIS–Advancements in the process efficiency of horizontal well drilling and multistage hydraulic fracturing have enabled the vast economic development of unconventional shale reservoirs in North America. A manufacturing approach to well construction–developed through cooperation between service providers and operators–has driven down costs at an impressive pace; however, further focus is required to achieve better and more consistent performance on production results, as many wells are not economic, especially at current gas prices. This inconsistency of production results has been experienced in all the basins across North America, and provides an opportunity for the next process improvement in the economics of unconventional plays.

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