Industry Article: Shale Fracturing

What the shales have taught us

Shale Roundup
Publication: Drilling Contractor
Volume: March/April
Issue: 2012
Publication Date: 05/15/2012

When the industry cracked the code on shales, it unlocked a wealth of unconventional resources, introduced new methods of drilling and completions, and made “fracturing” a household word. Technology sparked the shale boom that began a decade ago in the dry gas reservoirs of the Barnett play, and then moved to Haynesville, Marcellus and others. Technology has continued to drive the current migration into the oil and liquids-rich Bakken and Eagle Ford plays, with new and extremely prolific basins continually being discovered. For shale production, the industry has learned many important lessons, not the least of which is this: Fracturing methods that work in one play may not yield success in another. Over the years, operators and service companies have developed an extensive arsenal of tools and knowledge they can call on when embarking on a new fracturing operation.

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