Industry Article: Completion and Stimulation Design

Completion and Stimulation Design
Publication: Journal of Petroleum Technology
Publication Date: 08/01/2012

The Mangrove reservoir-centric stimulation design software enables better decision making for well-completion and fracturing programs. Developed on the Petrel E&P software platform, the stimulation-design software provides access to the shared-Earth model to facilitate program designs for all types of reservoirs. The Mangrove software offers the Completion Advisor for perforation picking and staging that leverages accurate reservoir definition and includes predictive complex-hydraulic fracture and conventional-planar-fracture models. Measurements and information including seismic, geological, geomechanical, and microseismic data can be integrated with a reservoir simulator through the Petrel platform to provide an integrated seismic-to-simulation workflow. Mangrove  has been used to optimize completion designs in the Marcellus Shale in North America, eliminating screenouts and increasing production by more than 50% from one well.

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