Industry Article: Multidomain Data and Modeling Unlock Unconventional Reservoir Challenges

Multidomain Data and Modeling
Publication: Journal of Petroleum Technology
Publication Date: 08/01/2012

Completion strategy and hydraulic fracture stimulation are important keys to economic success in low-permeability and unconventional reservoirs such as tight sand and shale. Therefore, engineering workflows in unconventional reservoirs need to focus on completion and stimulation optimization, as well as well placement and spacing. The Mangrove reservoir-centric stimulation-design software users provides a novel approach for enabling efficient multistage completions, new complex fracture models, unstructured gridding-based reservoir simulation, and a comprehensive integrated workflow. While the Mangrove software is primarily focused on unconventional reservoirs, this efficient full-cycle seismic-to-simulation workflow is applicable also for conventional reservoirs. The software solution enables the seismic-to-simulation-to-stimulation workflow that is necessary for single-well optimization in unconventional and conventional environments. Therefore eliminating the need to move data from one application to another, address data formatting issues, learn multiple and various software tools, and address problems with interface that can easily become a bottleneck for asset teams.

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