Industry Article: Multistage Stimulation Pushes Chinese Well Over Production Target

Multistage stimulation pushes Chinese well over production target
Publication: Drilling Contractor
Publication Date: 09/01/2012


New production goals issued by the Chinese government of more than 6 million tons of oil equivalent per year in one field created a challenge to deploy new industry technology quicker. In the DaGang field, PetroChina DaGang Oilfield Co leveraged a new methodology and streamlined the use of technology to quickly increase production. The nZone ball drop multistage stimulation system was introduced to stimulate a horizontal well in the DaGang field, where cemented vertical completions are common and require artificial lift to produce. New methods to isolate and stimulate wells were also examined in some low-producing zones. The outcome of the study allowed the customer to realize production nearly 10 times greater than a conventional vertical offset well and three times greater than the production from an unstimulated offset horizontal well.

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