Industry Article: Tight-Gas Horizontal Well Fracturing in the North Sea

Tigh-Gas Horizontal Well Fracturing in the North Sea
Publication: Offshore Engineer
Publication Date: 10/01/2012

Since its discovery in 1986, a tight gas field in the Dutch sector of the North Sea has undergone several well developments aimed at draining the reservoir at sufficiently high and sustainable rates. These developments, which included drilling a deviated appraisal well and fracture stimulating the first horizontal development well, gave initial production rates ranging from 0.2 million Nm3/d to nearly 0.09 million Nm3/d. However, factors such as liquid loading soon brought the production rates down to the range of 0.07-0.09 million Nm3/d. Drawing on lessons learned from these previous drilling campaigns, Shell, Schlumberger and Fenix Consulting Delft joined forces in 2008 to drill a horizontal sidetrack and place five hydraulic fracture stages to effectively drain the reserves in the block. This article discusses the drilling and fracturing operations in the development of this well, including the fracture design methodology, operational issues, post fracturing production analysis and a production forecast.

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