Industry Article: Modeling is Next Step-Change in Unconventionals

Improved fracture understanding adds optimization

Modeling is the next step-change in unconventionals
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 11/01/2012

Unconventional reservoirs are highly variable, as experience in US shales has proven in recent years. Conventional geological and petrophysical models for sandstones and carbonates do not apply, nor does one shale play model readily fit another. Traditional evaluation methods cannot identify productive zones. The production mechanism itself is not completely understood, and the decline patterns are even less well comprehended. The current method of extraction is to place the wellbore in communication with as much of the rock surface as possible to get the gas to flow through the fracture networks that have been created. Studies done by Schlumberger reveal that 70% of the production from a standard shale well comes from only 30% of the perforations. Today’s challenge is to apply the latest and best science to take full advantage of this potential. New approaches are enabling the industry to make another step-change to harness the potential of this massive resource base.

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