Industry Article: Investigating New Tools, Technologies for the Permian Basin

While challenges have driven some companies away from West Texas, others have found success through innovation

Investigating New Tools, Technologies for the Permian Basin
Publication: Hart Energy Playbook
Publication Date: 03/01/2013

A land of few trees and little water, West Texas contains the country’s largest basin, one that’s been producing oil for approximately 90 years. The Permian Basin has 150,000 producing wells and many more are planned. While vertical wells are still abundant throughout this hydrocarbon landmark, horizontal work is starting to dominate the discussions of operators and service companies targeting horizontal shale formations like the Wolfcamp, Bone Spring, and Cline. Many horizontal plays in the region have proven to be remarkably challenging, however, and executing successful completions in this realm involves a different set of tools and technologies to address the limitations that exist from challenges such as limited water, changing chemistry configurations, new infrastructures, and environmental regulations. Schlumberger is providing a range of integrated solutions in the areas of drilling, reservoir characterization, and production to meet the demands for new or advanced products and technologies in the Permian Basin.

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