Industry Article: Schlumberger Brings Transformation

Pipeline Magazine speaks exclusively to Marwan Moufarrej, Middle East President, Schlumberger about the growth opportunities in the region and how technology is playing a key part

Schlumberger Brings Transformation
Publication: Pipeline
Publication Date: 11/10/2014

Technology is playing an ever more important role in enhancing production as operators take on more challenging and complex projects in the MENA region. The importance is clear from the different approaches used to optimize reservoir contact, such as extended-reach wells, multilaterals, and multistage stimulation, all of which have enabled significant improvements in hydrocarbon recovery while creating some technical challenges. For example, maximum reservoir contact wells are becoming commonplace in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE with wells up to 40,000-ft MD. These extended-reach wells require advanced tractors and ICD completions to enable intervention and optimized production. Cumulative multilateral lengths in excess of 12 km are now common in Saudi Arabia in ERC wells, where production increase have allowed for a reduction in the number of wells and have minimized the infrastructure.

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