Industry Article: Integrated Workflow Optimizes Completion, Boosts Production in Chinese Tight Oil Well

Integrated Workflow Optimizes Completion, Boosts Production in Chinese Tight Oil Well
Publication: World Oil
Publication Date: 01/01/2016

China’s unconventional basins hold significant quantities of in-place oil and gas, but they have been largely underdeveloped, due to technical limitations in overcoming challenging reservoirs and geology. Tight oil reservoirs, featuring thin pay zones and low permeability and porosity, have historically yielded low or poor production using conventional exploration and appraisal practices. Unlocking production in these plays requires tools and technologies that go beyond standard methodologies.

China’s biggest oil production company, PetroChina, teamed up with Schlumberger to successfully use the Mangrove engineered stimulation design in the Petrel platform software to design a completion for a multi-stage horizontal well in north-central China’s Ordos basin. This is China’s second-largest, onshore producing basin, spanning an area of 370,000 km2 across parts of Shaanxi, Shanxi and Gansu provinces, and the Ningxia Hui and Inner Mongolia regions. The application of a real-time, microseismic fracture monitoring tool further optimized the design and treatment execution. The integrated approach resulted in a more than eight-fold production increase, compared to conventionally completed vertical wells.

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