Industry Article: From Discrete Services to Integrated Operations

From Discrete Services to Integrated Operations
Publication: World Oil
Issue: February 2014
Publication Date: 02/01/2014

A growing number of oil and gas companies continuously seek ways to improve efficiency, reduce cost and mitigate risk. One approach adopted by Schlumberger is to increase the level of integration over the various facets of the project. In truly integrated operations, all the products, services and personnel are streamlined and coordinated—across the usual domain boundaries—as if they were a cohesive system with a single objective.

Patrick Schorn, president of operations and integration, describes how Schlumberger by using an integrated workflow termed “Unconventional Reservoir Optimized Completions (U-ROC),” has seen turnaround times decrease sufficiently to allow engineers to catch up with fast paced completion operations. He also describes how Schlumberger formed a strategic partnership with Forest Oil to jointly develop its Eagle Ford shale acreage in Gonzales County, Texas, where even technical and operations personnel are integrated, leveraging one another’s strengths and making collaborative recommendations on the use of technology in the field development.

And another recent integrated operation, in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. With only two months to develop the complete plan, a multi-domain team of experts rapidly integrated workflows and modeled multiple scenarios, optimizing the drilling bottomhole assembly design, bit selection, drilling parameters, hydraulics, logging tools and real-time monitoring operations. All hole sections were drilled flawlessly in a single run, without any extra trips, saving the operator considerable rig time, and a well cost of $18 million under budget.

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