Industry Article: Developing US Shale Plays: Marcellus

Arrival of IOCs and increasing legislative interest signal critical mass for Marcellus

Arrival of IOCs and Increasing Legislative Interest Signal Critical Mass for Marcellus
Publication: World Oil
Publication Date: 03/01/2010

The Marcellus Shale play, one of the largest unconventional gas reserves in the world, has an estimated 500 Tcf of gas in place, and an estimated 50 Tcf of recoverable reserves in place. Schlumberger technology services offered in the Marcellus include formation evaluation, drilling, and well completions. CNX and Schlumberger have demonstrated the value of rotating the entire drillstring using a rotary steerable drilling system to increase lateral ROP by as much as 75%, while simultaneously reducing drillstring torque and wellbore tortuosity. The zipper-fracing technique also helped CNX complete two nearby wells simultaneously in 30 hours, compared to the 24-hour time frame needed to complete a single well.

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