Industry Article: Facilitating Success: Technology is Moving Swiftly to Improve Efficiency

Facilitating success
Publication: Hart Energy Playbook
Publication Date: 09/01/2011

The Eagle Ford basin has been on the oil and gas industry's radar for some time, but exploration activity didn't really take off until a couple of years ago, when operators began experiencing great success. As a latecomer, Eagle Ford has benefited from plenty of technologies proven in other shale basins as well as new products designed specifically for the region.

Today, 3-D seismic surveys are producing vase amounts of data.  Several operators are taking recently acquired 3-D data and reprocessing it to optimally place the well bore for the most productive stimulation job.  Reprocessed seismic isn’t the only tool operators and service companies use to drill the best well and stimulate it as efficiently as possible.  Service companies are using various formation evaluation tools, microseismic surveys, better frac fluids and proppants, and different fracture methods, including coiled tubing.

Drilling contractors also are entering the mix with proprietary software that results in their rigs drilling smoother well bores for better stimulation jobs and drilling wells faster and more cost efficiently than in the past.  Drill bit manufacturers are designing better performing, more durable bits specifically for Eagle Ford, some of which have resulted in record-setting runs.

Eagle Ford operators seem to be the lucky recipients of successful technologies that have already been tried and proven.

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