Industry Article: Today's Technologies Support Operator Goals

New and existing tools can improve economics and give players a competitive edge

Hart Energy North American Shale Yearbook
Publication: Hart Energy Playbook
Publication Date: 01/01/2012

Operators seek the latest drilling and completion technologies to reap economic and competitive advantages. Today, the technology of choice for a particular shale play might be the latest high-performing bits geosteering solution or a high-angle rotary steerable system. In other cases, operators may re-examine and employ shale technologies applied several years ago, such as multilateral technology. Service companies have developed faster, more efficient stimulation techniques that can fracture multiple intervals at the same time. Several of these companies have developed a pinpoint fracturing method for more effective stimulation compared with plug and perforation, for example. Some of these technologies include RSS, shale optimized drillbits, high performance drilling fluids, software for drilling fluid programs, dry emulsifier for severe winter conditions, multistage stimulation and channel fracturing.

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