Industry Article: Honing Unconventionals Technology for the Middle East

Honing Unconventionals Technology for the Middle East
Publication: Petroleum Economist
Publication Date: 11/01/2012

Horizontal well drilling, multistage stimulation and next generation advanced modeling tools are already enabling companies to harness unconventional oil and gas reserves around the world. Now, the Gulf region's unconventional deposits could be about to open up. Maximizing the potential of a massive resource base, which until recently was considered too impermeable to produce economically, will require the latest and best science to be applied. New technologies, including Mangrove software, are allowing a return to rigor in optimization capability through an accurate modeling of hydraulic fracturing geomechanical propagation and productive behavior in ultra-low permeability and organic source rocks.

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Simulate Complex Fracture Networks

Showing simulated hydraulic fractures using 3D mechanical earth model and pre-existing natural fractures along
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