Industry Article: Unlocking Canadian Tight Oil Plays

Unlocking Canadian Tight Oil Plays
Publication: Hart Energy Playbook
Publication Date: 12/01/2012

Improved technologies and drilling efficiencies are driving the development of Canadian unconventional formations such as the Duvernay, Cardium, Montney, and Exshaw. Working with operators to develop these resources, Schlumberger services include geomechanics testing for assessment of reservoir geomechanical properties; hydraulic fracture testing; and core geology and petrographic analysis. TRA tight rock analysis for petrophysical characterization and completion design of unconventional reservoirs is also a must in Canada’s unconventional resource development. In the Montney formation, wells treated with the HiWAY flow-channel fracturing service have proven the stability of flow channels and sustained hydrocarbon production, with increased flowback rates, improved polymer recoveries, decreased screenout risk and proppant flowback, and substantial gains in hydrocarbon production and estimated ultimate recovery. In emerging plays, the Mangrove reservoir-centric stimulation design software enables an integrated workflow in reservoir characterization to understand unconventional reservoir heterogeneity, optimize staging and perforation design, and provide complex, fit-for-purpose fracture models.

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