Industry Article: So Many Shales, So Little Drilling

So Many Shales, So Little Drilling
Publication: Hart Energy Playbook
Issue: January 2013
Publication Date: 01/01/2013

Many in the oil and gas industry are optimistic that exploration and production of unconventional formations outside North America will increase during the next few years as operators come to understand the reservoirs and learn what is necessary to efficiently drill and complete their wells. This review of global activity in unconventionals includes some innovative technologies and integrated solutions to optimize drilling and completions, and ultimately to safely produce more with less cost and effort. These solutions include efficient and accurate horizontal drilling, natural fracture modeling, evaluation of complex heterogeneous reservoirs, flowchannel hydraulic fracturing, microseismic monitoring, and smart completions.

Download: So Many Shales, So Little Drilling (4.02 MB PDF)

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Benefit from Application-Specific Technologies

Implementing unconventional ESP solution in the Eagle Ford
Our integrated technology offerings and expertise improve operational efficiency, enhance production, and reduce risk in every active shale play worldwide.
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