Industry Article: Unlocking the Secrets of the U.S.’ Largest Onshore Oil Reserves

Unlocking the Secrets of the U.S.' Largest Onshore Oil Reserves
Publication: World Oil
Publication Date: 11/01/2012

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has estimated that the stacked Monterey/Santos shale conservatively holds more than 15.4 billion bbl of technically recoverable reserves—the largest onshore U.S. California operators have long found themselves stymied by environmental resistance, access restrictions, high costs, and a sluggish permitting process. A complex and highly faulted stratigraphic framework has also challenged development in the region. Nevertheless, operators expect to drill a cumulative 2,800 onshore and offshore wells this year and, as of early October, 2,217 permits for all well types were issued for the core Monterey/Santos onshore fairway. The Schlumberger Monterey resource assessment service is carrying out a two-phase proprietary unconventional reservoir evaluation to provide a sound technical basis to support drilling and infrastructure investment. The Phase I result is a basin-scale 3D earth model that characterizes heterogeneity of the reservoir and completion quality, while the second phase addresses well productivity through engineered analysis.

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