Industry Article: Seismic for Unconventionals

Can seismic technology improve success rates in the E&P of oil and gas from shale and tight sand?

Seismic for Unconventionals
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 06/01/2013

Seismic technology can improve success rates in the exploration and production of oil and gas from shale and tight sand. The desired contributions are accurate depth images, high-resolution seismic velocities, and calibrated prestack inversion products. Inversion products are especially important in workflows that integrate the seismic data with well logs, core data, and other measurements. This helps identify lateral and vertical variation within the reservoir compartments and characterize reservoir quality (RQ) and completion quality (CQ) to optimize well positioning and hydraulic fracturing strategies. Modern point-source and high-channel-count point-receiver land seismic acquisition systems are able to reduce noise in the seismic signal and improve the temporal and spatial resolution of the resulting images. Full-azimuth acquisition, combined with anisotropy-comprehending AVO inversion, can indicate local stress directions and help optimize well orientations and fracturing efficiency.

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