Industry Article: Drawing on New Drilling and Completion Technologies

Drawing on New Drilling and Completion Technologies
Publication: Hart Energy Playbook
Issue: December 2013
Publication Date: 12/01/2013

In addition to one of the world’s largest coal deposits, the Appalachian basin has significant volumes of recoverable hydrocarbons. Activity is increasing in the area, spurred by horizontal and technology toolkits designed to increase efficiencies and productivity. Large multiple-well pad sites are now standard; improving logistics and lowering surface costs while minimizing environmental impact. The increasing length of the horizontal laterals has driven a need for more robust and sophisticated drilling BHAs that can deliver the well in the right place without wasting valuable rig time. An operator in the Marcellus shale wanted to improve ROP in a horizontal well and complete the curve and lateral in one run. This was achieved using the PowerDrive Archer high-build RSS featuring an electromagnetic telemetry system – the first deployment of such paired technologies. Meanwhile, many operators are increasing the number of fracturing stages to ensure the entire lateral is better stimulated. More detailed formation evaluation, and microseismic monitoring to learn how induced fractures develop, are helping to improve fracturing efficiency and effectiveness.

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High Build Rate RSS Improves Drilling Performance in Shale Well

A time-versus-depth plot shows the PowerDrive Archer RSS performance improvement.
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