Industry Article: Achieving Productivity Gains

Achieving Productivity Gains - Cline
Publication: Upstream Pumping Solutions
Issue: January/February 2014
Publication Date: 01/01/2014

As operators continue to push into unconventional reservoirs, they bring a new understanding of the unpredictability and variability of shales. They understand that the methods and technologies that are successful in one play may not be in another. Tim Pope, stimulation domain manager, describes how as development continues in the Cline play, sound engineering practices and a multidisciplinary workflow that integrates geology, petrophysics, drilling, geomechanical evaluation, reservoir stimulation of complex fractures and advanced production techniques will be necessary to maximize fracture stimulation treatments.

By facilitating preliminary fracture modelling to identify the optimal lateral landing point, the unconventional reservoir optimized completion (UROC) workflow helps ensure that the zones with the highest potential are contacted to maximize recovery. This leads directly to productivity gains.

Download: Achieving Productivity Gains (6.04 MB PDF)

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