Industry Article: Exploration Workflow Provides Decision-Making Capability to Improve Success Rates in Emerging Unconventional Plays

A detailed workflow allows operators to de-risk international shale plays

unconventional exploaration
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 10/01/2014

As operators consider launching unconventional drilling campaigns in emerging unconventional frontiers, understanding the reservoir, and its ability to economically produce hydrocarbons, is critical for making make timely, informed decisions to move forward with exploratory pilot well programs.

A new exploration workflow, developed for the emerging international unconventional market, is giving operating companies in several regions globally the depth of information they need to determine the viability of appraisal drilling programs. The multi-disciplinary workflow integrates existing reservoir information, including core, log and seismic data, in a 3D depth model to calibrate a petroleum systems evaluation to map the fairway, or sweet spot, and estimate recoverable resources. 

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