Industry Article: Permian Producers Lean on Technology

The industry downturn has operators fine-tuning efficiencies to drive down costs

Permian Producers Lean on Technology
Publication: Hart Energy Playbook
Publication Date: 12/01/2015

During the industry downturn, operators tend to fine-tune efficiencies to drive down costs. The current environment has pushed producers in the Permian Basin toward exploration of newer technologies with a track record of solid returns on investment (ROI). 

Schlumberger continues to improve ROI by changing the way business is conducted—through the integration of services that increase efficiency and optimize operations. Production experts working in the Permian Basin discuss the integration approach as well as the latest advancements in drilling and measurement technologies, bits, oil-based muds, and fracturing and completions techniques that are being used by the operators in the region.

Download: Permian Producers Lean on Technology (0.69 MB PDF)

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