Industry Article: Digital Transformation: A Mandate for the Future

Publication: World Oil
Publication Date: 05/01/2017

Ashok Belani, Executive Vice President Technology, Schlumberger

Ashok Belani, Executive Vice President Technology, Schlumberger

As the oil and gas industry begins to recover from the deepest downturn in the last three decades, it now has the opportunity to embrace a new way of working—through digital transformation.

Digital transformation, driven by domain expertise and experience, creates opportunities to improve operational efficiency; improve asset reliability; and boost throughput and optimize field recovery—improvements that benefit all industry stakeholders.

The level of integration and productivity that digital enablement provides requires a new approach toward knowledge sharing and trust. Understanding operational workflows, and building greater connections between technical domains, can increase efficiency and minimize risks, while amplifying the application of expertise throughout planning and operational phases.

Companies that enable their employees to share the knowledge embedded in the data to its full potential will realize the greatest advantage from that data. This will require putting the right information, in the right hands, at the right time. This is only possible, if backed by deep domain expertise and extensive experience in complex E&P operational workflows.

Transformation can only happen in tandem with a new mindset to evolve existing working paradigms. At the enterprise level, this means a more collaborative mindset, and redesigned end-to-end business models. For the workforce, this means finding new ways of engaging, based on roles, user experience and collaboration.

By adopting a new mindset and applying digital technologies, the oil and gas industry can advance automation in planning and operations, increase efficiency, and minimize risk, while aiming to overcome complex challenges.

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