Industry Article: High-Performance Downhole Reservoir Testing System Introduced

Quartet Article
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 09/21/2010

Schlumberger introduced the Quartet high-performance downhole reservoir testing system at the 2010 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Florence, Italy. The system’s four technologies work in concert to help develop an accurate characterization of the reservoir in less time and with greater reliability than conventional systems. The tool string is four times shorter than a similarly capable tool string available. Shorter means simpler, as evidenced by the elimination of drill collars and slip joints, that translates to greater reliability, safety, and deployment efficiency. Tools are joined using premium connections so hydraulic integrity is assured. With fewer downhole connections, fewer seals, single-trip capability, and ruggedized modules, the Quartet system can be used to simultaneously deploy high-performance perforating gun strings so users can shoot and test in one sequence.

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