Industry Article: Reservoir Testing System Evolves to Meet New Frontier Challenges

Schlumberger Quartet-HT
Publication: Journal of Petroleum Technology
Publication Date: 05/01/2013

As today's deep wells challenge the bounds of pressure and temperature, accurate reservoir testing has become essential to mitigate production risk. The information contained in a series of downhole pressure transient measurements and representative reservoir fluid samples can make or break a prospect’s potential. The Quartet-HT system maintains well integrity while testing safely, accurately, and efficiently at the extremes of the well environment. The multicycle and single-trip features provide operational efficiencies that can reduce rig time and risk. The high temperature capabilities allow operators to isolate, control, measure, and sample closer to the high temperature reservoir for better test results and more accurate reservoir characterization.

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Isolate, Control, Measure, and Sample—All in a Single Run

The Quartet High performance downhole reservoir testing system
Available with wireless telemetry or rated for high-temperature conditions, the Quartet downhole reservoir testing system combines 4 leading downhole tools into one advanced string to deliver altogether better reservoir testing.
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