Industry Article: New Technologies Optimize Production

New Technologies Optimize Production
Publication: American Oil & Gas Reporter
Publication Date: 01/01/2010

Operators are examining their oil and gas properties to determine how advanced technologies and services can help them improve results in the field and better monetize the value of their producing assets. The Schlumberger OPTICall thermal profile and investigative service helps operators by identifying fluid movements in real time along the wellbore, helping to detect leaks, monitor gas lift and evaluate fractures to improve field productivity. A European operator had a small, but serious leak in a well. With the OPTICall service it took less than eight hours to have the service on location, and within an hour, the leak had been identified. The OPTICall service has been successfully run on- and offshore in more than 250 wells in 11 countries.

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OPTICall thermal profile and investigation service uses distributed temperature sensing to track wellbore fluid movement, evaluate downhole performance, and diagnose production issues, all on demand.

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