Industry Article: Sharjah: A Very UniQ Environment in the UAE

Sharjah: A Very UniQ Environment in the UAE
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Publication Date: 07/30/2012

There was much excitement in the UAE when WesternGeco was awarded an acquisition and processing contract for a full-offset, full-azimuth 3D survey in a Sharjah concession using the revolutionary UniQ integrated point-receiver land seismic system.

The survey area is located near the town of Al Madam, in Sharjah, close to the Omani border. The majority of the area is covered by small- to medium-size sand dunes, with multidirectional slip faces due to the ever-changing wind direction. But there were bigger dunes, too.

Big Red (also known as Al Hamar) is a massive 300-ft high sand dune with sides as steep as a black ski run. Its red color comes from its high iron oxide content. It is a favorite spot for tourists riding dune buggies and various other off-road vehicles – the dune-bash hub of the Middle East. Tourist companies are advised to avoid Big Red on Fridays and public holidays, as the dunes become dangerously crowded with riders bent on terrifying charges to the top of that dune.

During these busy times, a local tour guide can take tourists to other, less crowded dunes. But there were no such options for a company that had a 90 km2 UniQ spread laid on the ground covering Big Red and surrounding dune-bash magnets. These areas had all become adrenaline-fueled playgrounds, with sand buggies and jeeps hurtling up the slopes and even more 4WD vehicles ploughing furrows in the sand along their flanks.

And WesternGeco was contracted as a solution to the imaging problems of the client in that specific area.

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