Industry Article: Reading Between the Lines

Point-receiver data, isometrically sampled in both crossline and inline directions, fully captures the three-dimensional seismic wavefield for the first time.

Reading Between the Lines
Publication: GEO ExPro
Publication Date: 10/01/2012

The IsoMetrix marine isometric seismic technology delivers high-fidelity point-receiver seismic data while overcoming spatial wavenumber bandwidth compromises that have limited previous marine seismic acquisition methods. The result is a reliable, continuous measurement of the full upgoing and downgoing notchless seismic wavefield sampled at a 6.25m x 6.25m point-receiver surface grid. This fine isometric sampling in both crossline and inline directions makes the data suitable for use in a wide variety of interpretation and modelling applications, such as high-resolution near-surface imaging, deep reservoir characterisation, and 4D reservoir monitoring. Speaking at its launch in June 2012, Carel Hooykaas, president, WesternGeco, compared the step-change in quality delivered by the IsoMetrix technology to that achieved moving from a 2D x-ray to a 3D CAT-scan in medical imaging.

Download: Reading Between the Lines (5.56 MB PDF)

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