Industry Article: Isometric In-Line and Cross-Line Sampling Advances Marine 3D Seismic

Isometric In-Line and Cross-Line Sampling Advances Marine 3D Seismic
Publication: World Oil
Publication Date: 10/01/2012

Since its introduction in the 1980s, the 3D surface seismic imaging method has been widely recognized as one of the most valuable technologies available for oil and gas exploration, and field development. Continuous improvements in seismic technology are delivering increasingly broader bandwidth data, enabling more accurate structural images of the subsurface and more reliable inversion to reveal indicators of rock properties. Developments in seismic sources and sensors have improved the frequency bandwidth that can be input to the subsurface and subsequently recorded back at the surface. However, achieving high-resolution images of complex 3D structures also requires adequate spatial sampling in both the inline and crossline directions of a 3D grid.

The recently launched IsoMetrix service delivers isometrically sampled point-receiver seismic data in both crossline and inline directions, capturing the wavefield in three dimensions and providing highly accurate images of the subsurface.

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