Industry Article: Integrated High-Density Point-Source, Point-Receiver Land Seismic

A case study from the UAE includes complex depth imaging

Integrated High-Density Point-Source, Point-Receiver Land Seismic
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 06/01/2013

Advances in computer hardware and software have allowed many processing shortcuts and approximations to be reduced. Processes that have now become viable for application to large 3-D datasets include prestack depth migration (PSDM), which can improve imaging in complex geological environments. An onshore 3-D seismic survey was acquired using an ultra-high channel point-receiver recording system and broadband source in a difficult geological and logistical environment in a structural exploration play at the edge of the prolific oil-prone Arabian plate. An advanced processing sequence was applied to the data, including PSDM using reverse time migration (RTM). The results show improvement in event continuity and focusing compared to the equivalent field brute stack and prestack time migrated (PSTM) volumes. Imaging directly into the depth domain has enabled a revised and more accurate geological model of the survey area.

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