Industry Article: Improving OBC Efficiency

Time and distance separated sources are implemented offshore Abu Dhabi

Improving OBC Efficiency
Publication: EAGE Show Daily
Publication Date: 06/04/2015

Simultaneous source acquisition has become commonplace in land seismic surveys but has rarely been used offshore. Simultaneous source techniques were successfully deployed in a large 3D 4C ocean bottom cable (OBC) survey over an oil and gas field offshore Abu Dhabi, UAE. The survey was designed to acquire a high-fold dataset with a wide range of azimuths and long offset sampling. Distance separated simultaneous shooting (DS3) combined with MSS managed spread and source techniques were deployed to enhance survey efficiency. Acquisition rates of nearly 12,000 SPs and 25,000 SPs per day were achieved for the DS3 and MSS modes respectively. This compares with maximum rates from previous 3D OBC surveys offshore Abu Dhabi of up to 7,000 SPs per day using a conventional single source configuration.

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