Industry Article: Redefining Broadband

Marine isometric seismic technology provides new interpretational insights from effective spatial sampling

Redefining Broadband Seismic
Publication: EAGE Show Daily
Publication Date: 06/03/2015

The term "broadband" should include spatial bandwidth; increasing the range of wavenumbers in all directions - x, y, and z - over which useful information contributes to a seismic image volume. Achieving adequate sampling to avoid spatial aliasing can provide high-resolution images of geological features irrespective of their orientation in the earth. The East Loppa survey in the Barents Sea provides many examples of the benefits of acquiring a high quality broadband dataset. High spatial resolution imaging has made it possible to auto-track a complex fault system independent of fault orientation. The data also reveals small-scale fluvial geomorphological features including point-bar systems, clustered channel fill complexes and ribbon channel sandstone bodies.

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