Industry Article: Broadband Imaging in 3D

Effective crossline sampling for towed-streamer seismic

Broadband Imaging in 3D
Publication: SEG Show Daily
Publication Date: 10/19/2015

IsoMetrix marine isometric seismic technology provides a spatially dealised broadband product in all 3 dimensions: in-line, cross-line and depth. This fine-scale resolution of the wavefield in all directions can translate directly to fine-scale resolution of geology in all directions, enabling a more accurate representation of the subsurface. In a North Sea case study, a workflow that included full waveform inversion and reflection tomography achieved a detailed velocity model that accurately resolved near-surface heterogeneity and improved the imaging of a target formation compared to previous vintages of towed streamer seismic and an ocean bottom cable survey.

Download: Broadband Imaging in 3D (0.98 MB PDF)

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