Industry Article: No Need to Worry about Dip and Strike

Fine isometric sampling enables reliable imaging from seabed to target

Towed streamer seismic acquisitiion
Publication: SEG Show Daily
Publication Date: 10/21/2015

PETRONAS required 3D broadband data to be acquired over a rectangular survey area with its longer axis in the north-south direction. From a geological and geophysics standpoint, shooting east-west would align the finer sampling of conventional streamer data to the dominant structural dip direction. However, a no-access zone prohibited the vessel from obtaining full sub-surface coverage at the western edge of the survey. IsoMetrix technology removed the constraint for shooting direction by providing an isometric subsurface grid of data that satisfied the geophysical sampling requirements while maximizing operational efficiency.

Download: No Need to Worry about Dip and Strike (1.52 MB PDF)

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