Industry Article: Depth Domain Inversion Services

Technique provides a pathway to reliable reservoir characterization in complex environments

Depth Domain Inversion Services
Publication: SEG Show Daily
Publication Date: 10/19/2015

A depth domain inversion workflow was applied to part of a 3D seismic dataset from the Green Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico that features thick salt sheets with complex morphology. Because of the geological complexity of the overburden, the target had variable levels of illumination that led to detrimental effects on amplitudes and phase, which conventional amplitude inversion techniques do not compensate for. The depth domain inversion workflow produced a reflectivity image and acoustic impedance volume corrected for the imprint of the acquisition geometry and complex overburden, enabling an improved structural and quantitative interpretation.

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Reduce Uncertainty with Consistent Illumination

Depth Domain Inversion Services
Depth Domain Inversion Services provide sharper images and better event continuity by performing amplitude inversion directly in the depth domain to correct for illumination effects.
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