MEARR Number 3

Towards Zero Flaring

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An important issue in protecting the environment of the Gulf is the effect of hydrocarbon flaring. A project in Abu Dhabi has eliminated oil flaring during testing and production, with the ultimate aim of eliminating all hydrocarbon flaring within a year.

Wise Cracks

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Historically, hydraulic fracturing techniques have been little used in the Middle East. But with careful selection of candidate wells and with completion designs based on all available well data, significant improvements in productivity can be achieved in an economical way. The PowerSTIM process optimizes fracturing program design by refining geophysical and mechanical data in the course of hydraulically fracturing a series of wells in a reservoir.

Phasing Out Separation

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Continuous measurement of well fluids without separating them can be extremely complex and challenging. The advantages of continuous measurement, without the need for separation or recombination, are clear. A compact multiphase flowmeter for periodic measurement or continuous well monitoring of three-phase flow is now available.

Current Affairs

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As reservoirs mature, it is necessary to monitor and reevaluate reservoir saturation behind steel casing as a basis for decisions on enhancing recovery. New, stable electronics have made accurate, reliable, and deeper cased hole formation measurements a reality.

Modeling Multilaterals

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The Middle East’s oil and gas companies rely on advanced drilling and completion techniques (such as horizontal wells, multilateral wells, and intelligent completions) to develop new fields and to maximize recovery from existing assets. The need to simulate these advanced wells calls for a radical rethink in the well models found in today’s reservoir simulation packages.