MEARR Number 7

A New Era In Production Logging: Defining Downhole Flow Profiles

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Antoine Elkadi and Murat Zeybek explain how the latest developments in production logging techniques can help production and reservoir engineers to make better-informed decisions about well and field management.

Crosswell Electromagnetic Resistivity Imaging: Illuminating The Reservoir

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Cyrille Levesque outlines the principles behind this new technology and explores some of the potential benefits for reservoir engineers.

Taking Samples Through Casing

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Bao Wei, Sherif Farag, Sameer Joshi, Wang Helin, and Yang Yong examine techniques for cased hole analysis and their value for well and field management.

The Search for Perfect Perforations

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Larry Behrmann and Chee Kin Khong review recent advances in key perforation technologies and examine how dynamic underbalanced perforating is helping to deliver new levels of performance.