MEARR Number 8

Intelligent Completions

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Bernard Montaron and Adam Vasper describe examples for applications from water control to gas lift in which intelligent completion technology is the most economic option.

Modeling While Drilling

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Caroline Le Turdu, Indrajit Bandyopadhyay, Lothar Schulte, Bill Abbott, Raphael Guerithault, Jim Lingley, and Steve Warner examine the importance of an effective workflow for modeling during drilling operations and highlight the benefits.

Frac Packing: Fracturing for Sand Control

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Mariano Sanchez and Ray Tibbles explain how frac-pack methods can keep loose formation solids in place without hindering well productivity.

Carbonate Stimulation

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Steven Davies and Shrihari Kelkar examine the techniques and the technologies that field operators can use to stimulate production in carbonate reservoirs.