MEWR Volume 3


The Data-Base: What's in Store

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Quick retrieval of data and information pave the way for more-accurate, in-depth reservoir studies.

Focus on Fractures

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Three geologists describe the type and distribution of fractures within the Middle East and discuss techniques to investigate fractures in boreholes.

Testing Shapes Up for the Match

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Interpretation of downhole pressure response curves delivers details about the reservoir. The analysis is used to investigate features such as heterogeneities.

Seeking the Saturation Solution

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This article takes a look at calculating the important Archie factor "m." The previous issue of Middle East Well Evaluation Review highlighted the influence of pore geometry on m and its significance to water saturation calculations.

Experts Flock to Bahrain Oil Show

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Four pages describe the 1987 SPE Middle East Oil Show & Exhibition in Bahrain and give reviews of some conference papers.