MEWR Volume 10


World Oil Reserves. Charting The Future.

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The Middle East contains about three quarters of the world's oil. Most reservoirs in the region can be developed much more cheaply than those in other parts of the world. How will this dominance of the world market affect trade in the 21st Century?

Typecasting Heterogeneities

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A team of geologists discusses common types of heterogeneities and how to detect and analyze them.

Getting to Grips with Gas

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Through-tubing measurement of gas saturation using thermal decay time tools has been combined with multiwell database analysis. Engineers can now identify gas fingering and secondary gas cap development quickly and accurately.

Approaching Waves

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In an effort to improve the seismic picture, geophysicists analyze some of the more unusual waveforms. Old seismic surveys are reinterpreted in the search for oil, gas, and groundwater resources.