MEWR Volume 13


Taking the Pulse of 3-D Seismics

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Taking borehole seismic measurements before 3-D seismic surveys can improve the acquired data and clarify reservoir structure. These measurements are important in the Middle East, where unexpected changes in lateral continuity can impair production.

The Buckled Belt

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The large-scale thrust and fold belt stretching from Oman to Turkey contains much of the Middle East's oil reserves. Knowledge of faulting and fracturing in the zone is critical to efficient field development.

Go with the Flow


Analysis software allows incorporation of temperatures, pressures, and other measurements into production logs. This technique is particularly useful in highly deviated and low-production wells.

On the Waterfront

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Surveillance of a waterflooding scheme in a complex carbonate reservoir has shown that flow is simpler than geology would predict. It has also shown how production strategy has influenced vertical and horizontal sweep.