MEWR Volume 14


Getting a Profile on Cross-Flows

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Temperature information from a number of wells can be used to generate a general temperature profile for an oil or gas field. The method can also help to identify fluid flow problems around individual wells.

2020 Vision. A Look at the Oil Industry in the 21st Century.

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Oil and gas markets are often unpredictable. This article attempts to predict the global and regional changes in energy supply and demand that will have occurred by the year 2020.

Fractures in the Basement

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Fractures play an important role in oil productivity from tight formations. Finding fractures in deep formations is becoming a priority for many of the oil companies operating in the Middle East.

Trends in Geostatistics

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Geostatistical analysis of reservoirs is replacing the relatively simplistic layer-cake models the industry has used for decades. This article explains how the technique can be applied and can help to predict oilfield behavior.