MEWR Volume 17



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This issue examines new routes to cost-effectiveness, technical advances in saturation measurement, and the appropriate technology for geological reservoir characterization. Fernando Aguilar introduces the Platform Express service.


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Over the last 20 years, management of oil and gas developments has been dominated by efforts to cut production costs. Many managers and other experts are now arguing for a change in emphasis. This article outlines industry efforts to improve production efficiency.

In Search of Saturation

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The most fundamental reservoir parameters—oil, gas, and water content—are critical factors in how each oil field is developed. This article outlines the importance of saturation measurements and reveals how the latest techniques are helping reservoir engineers and geoscientists to maximize production and improve total recovery.

The Outcrop on Your Desktop

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Fault, bedding, and fracture orientation can be easily assessed in outcrop, but borehole data are sometimes unreliable. Modern tools use resistivity and sonic variations to map the borehole wall. The detailed images are comparable to core and, unlike the average core, have no missing sections. In this article, the latest developments in Middle East sandstones are discussed.