MEWR Volume 18


Predicting the Unpredictable

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Reservoir managers draw information from all disciplines (geology, well logs, seismic, PVT, cores, etc.) to improve surveillance, reservoir characterization, simulation, and prediction. Fikri Kuchuk of Schlumberger and Nansen Saleri of Saudi Aramco explore the emergence of new technologies and their application to reservoir management.

Carbonates: The Inside Story

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Roy Nurmi and Eric Standen investigate nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology and the insights it offers to carbonate reservoirs and pore systems. Borehole NMR logging in Kuwait has provided a wealth of new data on the geological and production potential of complex carbonate reservoirs.

The Value of Variation

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Anisotropy can be thought of as directional inequality—the variation of properties with direction. Anisotropy occurs at all scales from core plugs to reservoirs. Modern techniques and tools can detect and use the small variations in velocity found in sonic and seismic studies.